Productivity Improvement Of Onion (allium Cepa L.) Under Agro- climatic Conditions Of Mansehra, Pakistan

Qamar- uz- Zaman, F. S. Hamid, S. Islam, F. Ahmad, N. Ahmad


The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of various levels of NPK fertilizers on the yield and yield contributing factors of onion.Treatments includes namely T1(00-00-00),T2(25-25-12.5),T3(50-50-25),T4(75-75-37.5)and T5(100-100-50) NPK kg/ha. All P and K fertilizer was applied as basal dose while Nitrogen was applied in split doses. The variety used in the study was Swat-1. Data revealed that at harvest maximum plant height of 53.8cm, No. of leaves/plant (7), No. of roots/plant (95), No. of bulb/plot ( 221), fresh weight/bulb (127.7g), bulb size (6.4 cm), and yield of 24.92 tons/ha were recorded in treatment T5 provided 100-100-50 NPK kg/ha followed by plant height of 52.2cm, No. of leaves/plant (6), No. of roots/plant (83), No. of bulb/plot(156) , fresh weight/bulb 118g , bulb size 5.7cm, and 23.87 tons/ha yield in treatment receiving 75-57-37.5NPK kg/ha. The minimum plant height of 46.3 cm, No. of leaves/plant (5), No. of roots/plant (55), No. of bulb/plot (114), fresh weight/ bulb (103.5 g) bulb size (5.05cm) and yield of 17.80 tons/ha was recorded in control plot (without NPK). Results indicates that NPK @100-100-50 kg/ha proved to be the optimal dose of fertilizer to get maximum yield of onion.


Swat-1, NPK fertilizers, onion (Allium Cepa L.), growth and yield

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