Comparative Growth And Yield Evaluation Of Different High Yielding Wheat Varieties Under Rainfed Conditions Of Attock, Pakistan

S. Kausar, Z. Rehman, M. Z. Hassan, M. A. Noor


The experiment was conducted at the farmer’s field Attock during the year 2015-16. Six wheat Varieties i.e Aas 2011, Bars 2009, Narc 2009, Chakwal 50 and Pakistan 13 were evaluated for yield performance. Results revealed that all the varieties differ significantly in yield parameters. The varieties Narc 2009 and Pakistan 13 were best performer with 36.34mds/acre and 36.14mds/acre yield respectively and are recommended for cultivation in rainfed conditions of Attock District.


Growth, yield, wheat varieties, rainfed conditions

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