Estimation Of Yield Traits & Correlation In Zea Mays

Maysoun M. Saleh, Zakia Hajjar, Rima Koudsieh, Fattima Al- Sadek


Seven Zea mays genotypes were planted at two sites Aleppo and Edleb which are research centres belongs to the General Commission of Scientific Agricultural research GCSAR northern Syria. Yield traits (ear diameter, ear length, row number per ear-1, grain number per ear-1, thousand grain weight) were studied in order to estimate the variation between genotypes and to between sites and to select the best genotypes concerning studied yield traits to be applied in maize breeding programs. Results showed that all Studied genotypes of maize had significant differences in yield traits in which both genotypes (Z 263, Z 67) were remarkable in all studied traits like thousand grain weight (391.7, 390.7) g for each of them respectively. Results also revealed that most studied traits were significantly superior in Aleppo comparing to Edleb. Results of correlation showed positively and significantly relations between all studied traits except between each of row number per ear-1 and grain number per ear-1 with thousand grain weight.


Yield traits, zea maize, genotypes, sites, primitive correlation

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