Vol 3, Issue 1, 2017


Research Article

Effects non-digested and anaerobically digested farmyard manures on wheat crop cultivated in desert soil
Jamal Abdallah Ahmed Abubaker, Nazar Elnesairy, Sanussi Ahmad
Abstract || View PDF || Download PDF|| DOI: 10.19071/jaa.2017.v3.3127
Pages: 1-10   Views: 19   Downloads: 2

Rainfed farming prospects in the low rainfall zone of northern Iraq based on meteorological and soil moisture measurements
Mohammad Hasan Hussein
Abstract || View PDF || Download PDF|| DOI: 10.19071/jaa.2017.v3.3194
Pages: 11-17   Views: 17   Downloads: 0

Agricultural diversity and food security in the South of Algeria
Houichiti Rachid, Bissati Samia, Bouammar Boualem
Abstract || View PDF || Download PDF|| DOI: 10.19071/jaa.2017.v3.3115
Pages: 18-22   Views: 16   Downloads: 0

Performance Evaluation of Grain Yield and Yield Related Traits in Common bean Genotypes at Yabello and Abaya, Southern Ethiopia
Ejigu Ejara, Wassu Mohammed, Berhanu Amsalu, Zinash Misgana, Mulatu Gabisa, Ganane Tasama
Abstract || View PDF || Download PDF|| DOI: 10.25081/jaa.2017.v3.3365
Pages: 28-34   Views: 15   Downloads: 0

Cassava fortification and quality evaluation
Pedhuru Rudo, Tuarira Mtaita, Mutetwa Moses
Abstract || View PDF || Download PDF|| DOI: 10.25081/jaa.2017.v3.3364
Pages: 35-40   Views: 16   Downloads: 0

Review Article

Agricultural water management through magnetization of irrigation and drinking water: A review
A. Gilani, H. Kermanshahi, M. Gholizadeh, A. Golian
Abstract || View PDF || Download PDF|| DOI: 10.25081/jaa.2017.v3.3353
Pages: 23-27   Views: 17   Downloads: 0